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HP specialise in solving design and marketing challenges for businesses in Sydney and New South Wales.

Our expertise and work spans four continents and twenty years in online and print.

Our strengths lie in corporate identity (logo design and style guidelines); corporate communications (annual reports); website design and development; and marketing strategy and implementation.

We’ve been identity architects and identity implementors. Our identity expertise has helped launch start-ups, revitalise struggling businesses, evolve established companies and maintain the visual integrity of large global organisations. 

For many years we were an asset (gun for hire) for several major advertising and recruitment agencies. We contractually delivered solutions for some of Australia’s major companies such as ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, Fairfax, Network Seven, News Limited, Pacific Brands, Qantas and many many more (in fact I’ve lost track)! Significant successes include being the lead proposal designer that secured a $12M contract for Fairfax and being the art director for the Seven Network Annual report. 

Our current client list does not contain such household names but instead we can boast of multiple partnerships approaching their tenth anniversary working together. We’re also delighted to partner with a number of “for-purpose” organisations to support their valuable work.

We are curious and creative creatures who forage in the detail. 

Our purpose is to find the clarity in communication for our clients.

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